[Random course ♪] all 10 dishes 2,500 yen

[Random course ♪] all 10 dishes 2,500 yen
2500 Yen

(tax included)

Recommended dim sum, including the gravy water dumplings "餃包" You can enjoy ★

[Example dishes]

1, meat bean sprouts
2, Negisosu of 蒸鶏
3, jellyfish cucumber
4, pickles
5, bite fried dumplings
6, 餃包
7, spring roll
8, dumplings sausage
9, meat Shumai
10, chicken Zongzi

※ There is the case that there is a content change
※ It is possible consultation of the contents by the customer of your choice
Such as "vegetables center," "meat smash," "small basket parcel and shaomai I want to eat",
Please feel free to contact us ♪